Law Enforcement

For some of you requalification is a struggle. As you get closer to that date the nerves start to flare and you walk in with a little anxiety. Dry Fire Practice can help! By dry firing just a few times a week and a couple of months prior to your requalification you will see a difference. Our website is going to make you a better shooter, no doubt. Of course this is going to make your requalifications easier which provides job security. Job security is important but being proficient with your firearm may save your life one day.

How to Practice

Some of our Dry Fire Drills listed may not help. For instance practicing an "El prez" will not help you out much for requalification but a quicker "turn and draw" may save your life.

In order to practice for a re-qualification you should break down the big activities into smaller components. Something that involves shooting from one knee can be broken down into just getting down to one knee or getting to one knee and drawing the gun. On the buzzer you would start the draw and kneel and press the gun out on target. You goal would be to see the front sight before the next beep. Improving this activity or any non-shooting activity gives you more time for the shooting portion. Most people lose enormous amounts of time on these non-shooting activities. By using the timer you will quickly learn to feel what is SLOW and what is SMOOTH and FAST.