• What is Dry Fire Practice?
Dry Fire Practice is a way of developing one’s shooting skills by practicing with an unloaded firearm. Drills may or may not include the use of targets. Instead of setting up elaborate, long drills, it is recommended that specific parts of your shooting be practiced. The draw, reloads, one-hand shooting are all examples. Shave the tenths of seconds off these small individual items and multiple seconds will come off your match times.
  • How often should I dry fire?
Everyone’s goals are different. If you have not done any dry fire work, a simple 1-2 times per week would provide you with great returns. If you want to move up in class, 3 or more times per week of dry fire practice will move you up quickly. I assure you it works.
  • What if I am already a decent shooter?
Decent shooters can benefit from dry fire practice and become excellent shooters. There is no cut-off point that dictates when you should “stop” practicing. Just make sure your gun is not loaded, you are not distracted, and follow the dry firing steps, and you will see improvement in no time. Our testimonialsspeak volumes:D.B from Virginia writes:
Thank you guys for coming up with an organized way to practice. My practices are much more efficient and effective. I shoot IDPA and was stuck at MM level. After just a couple of months of good dry fire practice I jumped to expert level. I never thought I could come close to Master but with my new found confidence I know I can do it. Great product! Thanks.”
  • Is there a cost to use Dry Fire Practice.com?
Dry Fire Practice.com has a variety of convenient subscription packages to suit a wide variety of shooter’s budgets. Learn more…
  • What is Par Time?
Our Timer provides you with one beep to start you drill and another beep when the dry fire drill repetition is over. Par time is an estimated time within which you can accomplish your dry firing drills. Initially, you should enter a time that will allow you to finish approximately 80-90% of your repetitions. If you can consistently draw your gun and see the front sight in say, 1.2 secs, this would be your Par time for that dry fire drill. It will be trial and error to discover this time when you are getting started.
  • What about free timers or using my own Shot timer?
Free timers are a great way to practice but having to write everything down seems to be a deterrent to practice. Dry Fire Practice.com makes it easy by putting everything right in front of you. This allows you to focus on your practice as opposed to counting repetitions and writing things down. As far as a shot timer, programming a shot timer for every new drill is inconvenient. Dry Fire Practice makes the process simple. We do offer a free timer.
  • How many drills can I have?
There is no restriction to the number of dry fire drills that you can have.
  • Will my information be saved on Dry Fire Practice.com? What if I skip a month or two?
Some of you may only practice a little each year, i.e. before re-qualifications or big matches. You may return at any time and renew your membership and your previous drills will still be in place. Of course we know that you will a much better shooter practicing once or twice a week than two weeks straight every six months!
  • Do you have an iPhone app?
Not at this time. Our website works on any platform that is able to run Flash. Mac, Droid and PC browsers will work.  You need an app to run this on your iPad or iPhone.  We have tested the Photon flash app and it does work with our site.  Once you have our site in the app browser you must touch the lightning bolt in the bottom right hand corner to enable the flash.  At this time the Skyfire App does not work with our site.  We do hope to have an App in the future.
  • How do I get started?
Signing up for dry fire practice is easy. Simply follow this link: http://dryfirepractice.com/prices, choose a subscription price and renewal period, and start dry firing!