Welcome to Dry Fire

Dry Fire Practice offers shooters a proven way to improve no matter what skill level or background. We have something for everyone from the novice to the Grand Master, Law Enforcement to the recreational shooter. Our Dry Fire Practice Dashboard allows you to set up practice the way you want it. Your information is stored so every time you return it is ready to go. No more writing things down in order to keep track of all your practices. And since we keep track of everything, over a period of time you are able to chart your progress from the stats page.


Why use the Dry Fire Dashboard?

  • Makes your practice easy and organized. Easier means you will dry fire more which means you will be a better shooter.
  • No need to write everything down. Everything is stored online for you.
  • As many drills as you would like to create.
  • No more programming your shot timer between dry fire drills. A timer is built into the program and times for each dry fire drill are automatically put into the timer. If you don''t own a timer, we just saved you $150.00